A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An Episodic Retro Indie Three-Act Spaghetti Western Platformer

Rescue Love Revenge is an exciting new action-adventure game with an epic story that will unfold as we release future and frequent updates.

RLR features an energetic style with addictive gameplay and challenging levels!

Unrequited Rescue

In Act 1 Chapter 1, we find our hero crossing treacherous terrain to Rescue girls in the high Alpine mountains, guarded by a band of bandana'd bandits. A second character known as The Grizzle makes his entrance in Chapter 2's desert environment. Chapter 3 will mark the beginning of episodic releases in a semi-regular fashion.

RLR's first chapters are a wild ride with unexpected storytelling, fun twitch gameplay, cutegore retro graphics, and addictive music. It's a funny style mixed with a twisted story surrounding timed jumps in a hardcore twitch runner full of secrets in each level. With chaotic combat reduced to simple gameplay, this mode that feels like racing can be challenging and at times a bit unforgiving.

Fortune's Fool

At its core, Rescue Love Revenge is a sandbox game set in The Old West with the first levels focused on having a retro style with auto-attacking and auto-running singleplayer gameplay where only jumping is key. That is only one realization of the game's components for creating experiences. The game will gradually expand and transition beyond the retro style to realistic and other styles, to full platformer and shooter controls, to couch multiplayer and scalable online play, to level editing and game modifications with extensive Steamworks integration.

During Early Access the default retro mode will receive updates adding new chapters beyond one and two with new custscenes and levels, upgrades to the level selection world map, the RLR runtime level editor, multiplayer and other new modes, and the slow build of the nextgen realistic open world sandbox sequel of sorts, almost like two games in one plus mods and episodes for tons of hours of overall gameplay.

Rescue Love Revenge


  • Major Updates
  • Multiplayer
  • Level Editor
  • More modes, chapters, and levels
  • VR
  • Steam, Android, and beyond


There is now an APK to install. Eventually it will be on Google Play, but for now this will do.


RLR's Greenlight was a success, help us push toward that release and future releases through this effort on itch as well.

A purchase on here will grant you a key for use on Steam.


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Added free demo files. Steam version submitted for review with controller support. Early Access could start as soon as this Friday and purchasing here on itch will grant you a Steam key for RLR.

Steam keys have been added, but keep in mind it's still early. As in pre Early Access at this point, but Early Access is starting soon on Steam which will enable lots of Steam features like WorkShop to expand the capabilities of the level editor and modding RLR in general.